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My Pocket Blacksmith


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About the game My Pocket Blacksmith

My Pocket Blacksmith is a mobile and browser game in which you play the role of a blacksmith and create various tools and weapons for your clients. The game offers many different materials from which you can make your products, as well as many tools and machines that will make your work easier. You also need to take care of your reputation to attract more customers and increase your profits. The game offers many challenges and missions that will allow you to develop your skills and acquire new materials and tools. My Pocket Blacksmith is a great game for fans of crafts and creativity who want to create something beautiful and useful. It is a combination of Deemo II and Friday Night Funkin' game mechanics, the epic atmosphere of classic RPG games and abstract humor straight from Discworld.


• Kick along to the tunes and craft legendary items!

• Short game sessions (30 seconds) combined with visible game progress

• Decorations that change the appearance of the hero and the player's workshop

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