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Middle Ages - games with the atmosphere of a bygone era

The Middle Ages are a fascinating era not only for fans and fans of history - its charms and dark intricacies are also appreciated by people who are interested in fantasy, as well as various issues related to magic. Interesting stories from royal courts, gestures, as well as simple human everyday life from those times can be really intriguing.

Traveling several hundred years back, with a high degree of probability you may run into some kind of armed conflict - even literally, because its contractors often wear armor. In the case of Medieval Defense Z, it is perhaps not very visible, because there are only outlines of characters on the screen, but it is enough to feel the atmosphere. You are driving a donkey cart and your archer has to shoot the incoming zombies. As the situation unfolds, you gain resources that will allow you to acquire additional defenders and improve your defense. Don't let intruders take care of your territory!

Tavern Master is a game in which you play the role of the owner of a medieval tavern and you have to make the inn prosper as well as possible. Arrange the space with comfortable furniture, invest in a full barrel of beer so that guests have plenty to drink, and most importantly - hire people to service the guests. The money you earn, invest in development to become a world-renowned host. Upgrade technology, refresh your crew and develop according to "modern" standards - as befits the Middle Ages.

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