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About the game Guess Who Multiplayer

Guess Who is a popular party game, which in Poland is known as Guess Who. Do you already know what we're talking about? If not, be sure to read the description below and try it for yourself. This is probably one of the best ways to spend a lazy afternoon or evening at home.

Guess Who Rules

The rules of the Guess Who game can be described in a few sentences. Each of the two participants receives a board with twenty different characters with different names. Then each of them chooses one of them. Sitting across from us (without peeking!), the player has to guess which character we have chosen by asking us various questions, to which we can only answer "yes" or "no". And then we ask the question. And so on, until one player guesses which character the opponent has chosen.

In the original, paper version of Guess Who, we can ask any closed questions. In the electronic version, we choose them from a list of several dozen questions. "Is your character bald?", "does your character wear a headband?", "does your character wear a hat?"... There are a lot of them, and each of them (actually the answer to each of them) should allow us to eliminate at least one of the other options. And if we get the question right, we'll further narrow down the number of possible characters. Of course, the player who first guesses which character the competitor has chosen wins.

However, we guarantee that the fun of Guess Who never ends with a duel. There is always at least one rematch. This game is simply addictive! Especially if we're playing against a live person. And there are plenty of those who want to play with us on the Internet. Try the multiplayer mode and we promise you won't be away from your computer for long.

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