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About the game Goose Game Multiplayer

While probably everyone knows the game of ships or dominoes, only a handful of people know the game of goose. Meanwhile, it is one of the older, and still popular (in some circles) board games that can provide entertainment for long evenings - spent with artificial intelligence or friends, on one virtual board.

If this brief description has piqued your interest, that's fine. You don't need much else to get hooked. The rules of the goose game are so simple that everyone will understand them and everyone will want to play more and more. In a nutshell - the game is about throwing dice. These throws determine how many squares on the twisted board we can move. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins. However, to make it not so simple, on some fields (of which there are a total of 64) accelerators and obstacles have been placed.

Accelerators - as the name suggests - allow us to go forward an additional number of squares. The obstacles, however, are different. When we find ourselves in the cemetery, we have to return our goose to the very beginning of the board. When we get to prison, we have to wait for another player to save us. All this is enough to provide players with exciting entertainment until the very end.

You can play goose yourself, against artificial intelligence; with other live players at one computer; as well as with other live players over the network. Up to six people can participate in one game. However, even with a larger number of players, we do not have to wait long for our turn, because the game is very fast and dynamic. It is worth noting that it is accompanied by pleasant, lively music that can improve the mood in the blink of a goose wing.

Finally, a curiosity. The goose game has the same name in all countries where it is known (only in Germany it is called "monkey game"). It was founded in the second half of the sixteenth century. It was invented in Florence, in the times of the Medici. In Poland, however, it appeared at the beginning of the eighteenth century. The oldest Polish goose (or goose, as it is sometimes called) board dates back to 1721.

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