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Tiny Landlord


About the game Tiny Landlord

Tiny Landlord: Become a virtual mayor in a free online game!

Feel like a real mayor in the free online game Tiny Landlord! Develop your city, manage its finances and keep its inhabitants happy.

Build and develop

In the online game Tiny Landlord, you play the role of a city manager. Build houses, shops and other buildings to generate income. Improve infrastructure, keep things tidy and safe to attract new residents.

Manage and plan

Plan your city's development strategy, invest your money wisely and optimize your cash flow. Develop various branches of the economy to ensure stable growth for the city.

Take care of the residents

Take care of the comfort and safety of residents. Build parks, playgrounds, hospitals and other amenities. Satisfied residents mean greater revenues for the city budget.

Relaxing gameplay

The free Tiny Landlord game offers a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. Beautiful graphics, gentle music and simple controls make Tiny Landlord the perfect game for everyone.

Why choose Tiny Landlord?

  • free online game - available to everyone, free of charge
  • simple and intuitive gameplay - perfect for players of all ages
  • build and develop your city - become a virtual mayor
  • take care of the residents - ensure their comfort and safety
  • beautiful graphics and relaxing music - feel like you're in a real city

Start your mayoral adventure today!

Play Tiny Landlord online and build the city of your dreams! Become a wise mayor and provide your residents with a comfortable life. The game is waiting for you!

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