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Top Model Fashion Dress Up


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About the game Top Model Fashion Dress Up


Top Model Gashion Dress Up - a stylist of real models

Top Model Gashion Dress Up is a sensational proposition for people who have always wanted to check from the inside what the process of preparing a star for a fashion show or other important event looks like. In the case of this dress-up game, the player's decision-making is quite expanded. So if you care about a multitude of options to choose from and an interesting diversity of your ready-made projects, this is definitely something for you.

At the beginning of the game, you choose the model - that is the face with which you will "work" while having fun. There are several options available, but remember that the one you don't choose right away may become your fun companion the next time you "edit". After making this decision, a number of others appear before you. You have to choose whether you prefer to dress the model in a ball gown or tight jeans and a neat top. In addition, a selection of hairstyles, handbags, outerwear, shoes and other accessories - a real paradise for people who love such atmosphere.

The Top Model Gashion Dress Up game gives you a choice at the end of the game - decide on what background your model should look like, and then make a photo session using the "screenshot" mode. If you like, you can create your own little stylist portfolio by collecting all your works! Although the mechanism of the game is very simple (clicking on selected elements and observing the effects), it is a lot of fun and fun. Climb to the heights of fashion creativity!


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