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Models - colorful games from a series of dress-ups

Browser games featuring models are very popular. There is a reason - they are simple and pleasant, you can have a good time with them, and in addition, they are usually characterized by a very pleasant graphic layer. How to have fun in these aesthetic games? What can you find among them?

One of the proposed games using the classic metamorphosis mechanism is Tris VIP Dolly Makeup. It's a game in which you have at your disposal a huge make-up artist's chest and a lot of beautiful accessories. You have to make sure that the models who leave your salon look the most wonderful in the world. Match them with the shades of foundations, blushers, shadows, lipsticks and jewelry for a dazzling effect. Smaczku is added by an element of randomness, and thus - mystery: when opening charming boxes with trinkets, you are not sure at the beginning what is in them. Take care of the best effect!

My Manga Avatar is a place where you can create your own (or someone else's) image in the style known from Japanese comics and graphics. Carefully plan the face, hairstyle and clothes of the model and enjoy a beautiful result. You can modify a lot - including the shape of the character's nose, eyes or mouth, so a lot depends on you. Choose your favorite colors and create beautiful makeup! You can save the result of your work after the last touches have been made. The fun is made more enjoyable by the melodic music in the background.

aplikacja mobilna