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Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion


About the game Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion

Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion - create your character in the style of Kawaii

Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion is one of the very interesting proposals from the series of dress-ups. In this version, your task is to dress your model in the Kawaii style, a style very popular in Japan. Originally it means something cute and sweet, and the associations are very right. People who dress in this style often wear cute clothes in pastel colors, contrasted with black and intense makeup. Clothes à la dolls, colorful hair in fancy pin-ups and colorful lipsticks are a few characteristic elements of Kawaii.

Princess Sweet Kawaii Fashion requires only an aesthetic sense and basic computer skills. You run a beauty salon, a hairdresser and a fashion designer atelier in turn, so that your character will make the best impression. Start by repairing the model's skin, take care of it and fully prepare the skin, and then move on to applying colored makeup. The next step is a haircut - fancy, colorful curls with a piled layer above the braid in the middle of the head are a real hairdressing masterpiece.

Choose the princess from Pricess Sweet Kawaii Fashion also the perfect clothes, accessories and shoes to complete the whole. Tight shorts, ruffled top, heavy boots - all in original colors and with interesting patterns. Add to that a cute headband to support your hair and the Kawaii outfit is ready! Now it remains to make a photo session.

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