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A beautician is a word that has two basic meanings in Polish - it means a profession related to skin care and makeup, or a sachet for cosmetics. Regardless of which meaning is closer to you, this category of games invites you to a fantastic fun of dressing up. The beauty industry and combining with cosmetics have long ceased to be associated with vanity - it is a type of contemporary art that you can practice both live and online. Use the full potential of your creativity!

What else, apart from makeup, can professional beauticians do and what can your cosmetic bag-container for cosmetics and accessories contain? Hint: it has to do with nails and of course it is about a manicure and all the necessary tools. The Fashion Nail Art game is a comprehensive care for the hands of your clients. You start with skincare treatments including washing, moisturizing and drying your hands. Then comes the proper part, i.e. nail styling. Choose a shade of varnish, decorations in the form of diamonds or glitter, possible patterns and jewelry. The next task is just to admire the amazing effect!

You can choose if you want to play in the browser of your computer, phone or tablet. Let yourself be drawn into a beautifying game in which there are no losers - there is only a lot of new experiences and all the fun. Create a small gallery of your works and use inspiration also outside the online simulator!

aplikacja mobilna