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About the game Instagirls Dress Up

Instagirls Dress Up - become a real influencer

The game Instagirls Dress Up is one of the proposals from the collection called "dress up", but it works on a slightly different principle. Imagine you play the role of an Instagram influencer who is primarily concerned with fashion and the latest trends. How do you imagine your work? You certainly have to shop a lot, which is what you are planning to do at the moment. Go big shopping to choose an outfit to show on your instagram profile.

What style will you plan your outfit in Instagirls Dress Up? Maybe a minimalist black top in combination with a short skirt and heavy boots, and a bow on the head? Will you decide on a subtle and unobtrusive version, or maybe you will go crazy and create a look perfect for the red carpet and various special occasions? The decision is entirely yours, although you are limited to some extent ... the reaction of other users. It is the approval of your followers that makes you earn money that you can later invest in new clothes!

If you want to know what will work for sure on Instagram, browse the hashtags under the icon with their symbol (#). From there, you will find out whether it is worth opting for a sporty chic or maybe a high-gloss glamor style. You can also follow your heart and compose sets just in line with your aesthetics! Make your account win the hearts of all your followers and multiply your earnings while having a pleasant time.

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