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About the game Fashion Nail Art

Fashion Nail Art - become a real manicurist

Do you like nail art and a visit to beauty salons gives you great pleasure? Whether it's your idea for the future or just a way to relax, Fashion Nail Art will give you a brief introduction to the profession of a nail stylist. All you need is a laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone with a comfortable screen and you can start having delicious fun.

Fashion Nail Art game encourages with candy, colorful aesthetics and pleasant music for the ear. For good morning, you need to decide who is visiting you today, and more precisely - what skin color this person has. As a stylist, you start your manicure with the basic steps, i.e. with a good soap and washing of your hands, and then dry them thoroughly before further treatments. This is where space opens up for your creativity - you can choose the color and shade of varnish (subtle pink, bold green, or maybe classic red?) As well as decorations and accessories. Remember that the ring should match the nail decorations! It is also part of your business card.

The last element that you choose for the set, after planning the color and possible decorations, is the color and pattern of the pillow, which is shown in the picture under the palm of your hand. If you want to capture your work, this accessory will help to beautifully display your hand. So play, design, plan and change, and write down each satisfactory result (e.g. in the form of a screenshot). Get creative on someone other than just your sisters and friends.

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