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Fashion Girl Career Outfits


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About the game Fashion Girl Career Outfits

Fashion Girl Career Outfits - Become a Barbie stylist

Barbie pop star or maybe Barbie tennis player? Or maybe Barbie as a famous scientist, in a smock and a beaker full of a mysterious substance? Fashion Girl Career Outfits is a game where your Barbie doll can be whoever she wants and see what she would look like in this version. Although it's a bit of a vain perspective, it's nice to dress up and daydream sometimes, isn't it? Therefore, decide what profession Barbie could do and on this basis, choose all the clothes and accessories for her outfit.

Fashion Girl Career Outfits relies little on actual styling planning - in fact, your job is limited to choosing a profession or styling you like. The game starts when the decision is made and you need to dress the doll as planned. This is a memory dress up game, because you need to focus not only on creating a complete set of clothes, but also on making it fit with what was planned at the beginning. So get your gray cells up and running!

By playing Fashion Girl Career Outfits, you can start up some fun music (as long as it's not distracting you). The game itself is available directly in your browser, from the position of a computer, tablet or smartphone (a suitably elongated interface ensures comfort even in the latter). The delicious fun begins and the mission to lead Barbie away from the stereotype of a pink doll wearing only ball gowns continues! Your Barbie can be whatever you want.

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