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About the game Cinderella Dress Up

Cinderella Dress Up - Don't forget your slipper!

Cinderella Dress Up is a proposal from the dress up series, in which you have the opportunity to play the role of the stylist of Cinderella himself. Help the girl dress up for the ball where she meets the Prince Charming! Or maybe you design the rest of the story and plan an outfit for it, in which she will go to the official party as a princess? Design your own story and your own styling and have delicious fun deciding on every detail of a Cinderella outfit.

Dress up Cinderella is great fun not only for girls, but also for boys. If your children have an artistic flair and want new "orders" in the world of fashion, this is definitely something worth offering them. You can also spend long hours on the game, playing in matching typefaces and colors. Will the intense pink dim the discreet charm of deep purple? How does a long skirt go with a flowing top? Gloves with a glossy finish or maybe smooth and matte? Or maybe don't take them at all? Think carefully!

The final stage of Cinderella Dress Up is choosing the background for your photo session with a dressed and ready model. An elegant ballroom or maybe a place against the backdrop of your magnificent carriage? The choice is also yours! When everything is buttoned up, all you need to do is take a photo (use the camera icon that appears on the screen). Clicking takes a screenshot, i.e. a screenshot that will be saved on your computer. Create an entire gallery!

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