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About the game Bff Princess Tatoo Shop

Help your princess friends achieve a feisty tattoo dream. Elsa, Anna and Ariel have ditched their noble duties for a while, so now they're visiting a beautiful tattoo artist hoping for a bold makeover - you can't let them be disappointed! Their well-being will rest on your shoulders, so you have to do your best to choose the best designs that will appeal to demanding customers.

The gameplay is intuitive, so you won't need any tutorial: you'll be able to handle the BFF Princess Tattoo Shop easily. The game will guide you step by step through the process of making a tattoo, fortunately completely painless. At the beginning, you will have to choose which of the friends will undergo a metamorphosis first: Queen Elsa, Anna, or maybe Ariel the mermaid in the form of a human? Choose your favorite princess!

After that, your task will be to choose a place for the tattoo, as well as its design. For your heroine, it is a souvenir for life, so think carefully about your choice! Then you will create a template by drawing it by hand on paper. In the next step, you will start preparing the client's skin for the treatment: start by moisturizing it with a suitable cream to avoid irritation.

The next step is to transfer the pattern to the skin. Once its outlines appear in the right place, it's time to color the design: paint it according to the image you'll see on the right side of the screen. Ready! Later, you can repeat the process on another part of the model's body or move on to the next princess before she gets impatient.

BFF Princess Tattoo Shop is a nice proposition not only for fans of princesses. A simple interface and eye-friendly graphics will make it easy for even the youngest players to understand the mechanics of the game. Faithfully rendered faces of famous fairy tale characters, as well as a large selection of interesting tattoo designs will surely guarantee a lot of fun for everyone, regardless of age or gender.

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