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Color and Decorate Dinner Plate


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About the game Color and Decorate Dinner Plate

Color And Decorate Dinner Plate - color your dinner

Everyone knows very well that in order for meals to be wholesome, rich in vitamins, minerals and various other necessary substances - it is best to create colorful compositions. Some vegetable skin tones, for example, are responsible for the high vitamin C content, others - for their numerous antioxidants. Color And Decorate Dinner Plate is a game in which you become a dietitian and compose a beautiful and healthy dinner plate, the contents of which are to nourish you from the inside in the best possible way.

Of course, playing a dietitian is just one of the options for approaching the Color And Decorate Dinner Plate. The second is a purely artistic approach - treat the plate as a blank canvas, the basis for your work of art. Regardless of which option you choose, treat yourself to fun and compose the option that will satisfy you the most. Decide what dish you are going to make (or, as they say, "go to the element"), then move on to decorating your plate with delicious things. You have plenty of plant options and animal accessories at your disposal. You can make a fully vegan or meat option. If you do not find the desired option among the ready-made patterns, you can draw it yourself with colored pencils.

You have a choice of over 20 shades of crayons, and each of them can get quite a tiny or quite large stylus - depending on your needs. Finally, when you are completely satisfied with the result, you can make a food photo session by clicking on the camera icon. Screenshots will land on your device!

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