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Back to School: Pony Coloring Book - a coloring book with ponies

Who doesn't love happy and positive ponies, like from a cartoon for kids? Certainly not the youngest! These graceful and cute animals can look even better thanks to your artistic interference and commitment. In Back to School: Pony Coloring Book you have a few sketches of horses and ponies in front of you, twenty-four colors of truly rainbow colored pencils and the ability to adjust the size of the stylus to your needs. What will be made of these elements? Maybe a real work of art? Your head in it!

Back to School: Pony Coloring Book game is one of the online coloring pages for which you only need to access the web via a browser. It will work both on a computer or laptop and on a tablet. Drawing is done with a cursor or a finger (in the case of a touch screen), and in case of a mistake you are saved by the back button or an extremely practical element of each artist's equipment - an eraser.

It is only up to you what colors the ponies will get. Classic brown, fancy violet or energizing celadon? Create your vision, preferably involving the youngest who have such things at their fingertips. Practice not following the rulers, precise drawing and matching shades to each other. When you're finished with your work, you can click the camera icon to take a screenshot that will stay on your device - great, right? Create your own gallery of great BTS Pony Coloring Book artworks.

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