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Go fishing - not necessarily as an angler

Among internet browser games, there are plenty of offers with fish in the lead role. Fish games are divided into games where you catch fish and games where you just play (with) them. Which version are you looking for today?

Merge Fish is a fairly simple puzzle game that even children will like. On the square board, you must click with the cursor (or with your finger, if you have a touch screen device) for a fish to appear in the designated place. Two identical fish next to each other can merge into one more magnificent specimen of a different species. This way you keep going until you either end the fish room or get the maximum satisfactory result. Have fun!

The Fish Eat Grow Big game is a classic proposition in the agar.io style. You play the role of a tiny fish and you move across the ocean floor. You eat everything that comes your way and judge it as smaller than you (watch out, it can be deceptive!). At the same time, watch out for fish that are larger than you and make sure you don't get eaten by them. Just that and that much - it's very addictive!

Fishing Online is, in turn, a series of puzzles in which your task is to get the fish out of fire, i.e. from a too dry environment. At first, the challenges are very simple, but over time, they get really complex - you'll have to do your best to get your finned friend to get away with it. Take care of its well-being by straining your gray cells and paving the way to the water.

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