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Tennis - Internet fun for racquet sports enthusiasts

What to do on a boring, rainy afternoon when you don't have an interesting book or movie at hand, and you don't feel like doing any other activities? Maybe you dream of a tennis court illuminated by the sun, and you still have long hours of work, school lessons or university classes waiting for you? Take a nice break and turn on virtual tennis on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Let your mind drift towards your favorite activity and polish your (e-) sporting skills while sitting.

Tennis Open 2020 is a serious proposition of white sport. You have the choice of representing one of seven countries, such as Brazil, UK or Spain. Then you stand on the court and the real tennis begins - except that you control the character with the arrows on the keyboard and hit with the spacebar. Make sure you throw your opponent off balance and let him hit the ball out of bounds. Collect points and collect glory - good luck!

Games from the tennis category also have an element of friendly competition - for example, in Tennis Masters you can choose the single or multiplayer option, so go ahead and invite your brother, mother or friend to play with you. Then you will decide whether the match will be played in a friendly or competitive mode - you can organize a small competition for two. This is the perfect entertainment for evening boredom!

Tennis Champions 2020, in turn, is a competition at the highest world level. Here you have the choice of World Tour (i.e. international tournaments), Quick Play (quick play) or Practice mode (training before competitions). In competitive pre-game mode, you choose the location of the competition and the nationality of your player. Practice your reflexes, cleverness and speed by hitting each ball at the fastest pace and with the best style. Become a world champion in a virtual version of the discipline! Use the cursor to steer the rocket and deal with each serve properly. Go get the cup!

What would the category tennis be without table tennis? Table Tennis Pro is the perfect proposition for anyone looking for an entertaining activity, for example when traveling by train (just be careful: don't miss the station!). Ping-pong in this version can be pulled in for long hours, even though the racket is replaced by a mouse or a touchpad. Play the best tournament in your life and present yourself as a professional sweeper. Show your reflexes and earn new trophies in both friendly matches and world-class matches.

aplikacja mobilna