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Hockey - an exciting game on ice

Are you interested in hockey in any form: on the ice, on the grass or in the gym? Or maybe you are just looking for interesting entertainment? Whatever the motive, pucking a puck or ball into the opponent's goal will be like an adrenaline rush - even in online games. Most of them are simple simulators in which you play the role of one of the players and your task is to bounce the puck accurately. You can play them from a desktop computer or laptop, as well as a tablet or smartphone - in some cases it is facilitated by a clear and slightly elongated interface.

Neon Hockey is one of the most interesting ways to play on the ice. You can play it on your own, get a slot machine for your rival (with a selected difficulty level), or together with your sister, dad or friend who are willing to have such fun. The thrilling gameplay takes place on a makeshift goal pitch, and the neon hoops symbolize the participants of the game. The puck moves quickly from one side to the other as the players try to score. There is nothing like simple and fun online hockey!

A slightly more realistic alternative is Hockey Shootout. You are the attacker, and in front of you there is a gate and its keeper. Your goals are exactly the opposite, and you want the puck to hit the net. When using the mouse or touchpad, try to aim in such a way that your opponent has no chance of catching the puck. Collect game points and satisfaction points!

Pocket Hockey is a game that combines pinball and a bit of hockey. The small puck has to bounce properly before it hits the marked point in the goal. Let him go on the most spectacular journey, collecting points and bonuses for stunts along the way. The lack of a competitive aspect in this case is compensated by a bit of adrenaline in the form of the risk of dropping the puck - then you will be in game over! So take care of the appropriate trajectory of movement and plan your actions wisely. You can even run this game in the queue to the cash register.

Air Hockey game with nice, relaxing background music and cute interface is also a great proposition to pass the time. This easy-to-use game will appeal even to toddlers. By controlling with the mouse / touchpad or finger (on the touch screen of mobile devices), you move the figure symbolized by the pawn and reflect the disk with it. You can choose from three difficulty levels and the number of points to which the competition takes place. Do your best to put the puck in your opponent's goal area and get closer to victory!

aplikacja mobilna