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Minigolf Master


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About the game Minigolf Master

The online sports game Minigolf Master takes the player to the green meadows to play Golf, where only the ball and the hole count. It seems to be all very simple, but as soon as you start the game, you will find out that Minigolf Master can be a challenge in practice.

The online sports game Minigolf Master is free fun in one of the most relaxing sports ever invented - Golf. Great fields of green grass with a tiny hole somewhere in the distance and a leisurely walk towards it with a white ball bouncing again and again - this is the essence of this wonderful sport. The Minigolf Master game recreates this game on your browser in a free form to play at any free moment.

A huge number of holes with increasing difficulty will provide everyone with a lot of relaxing fun in Minigolf Master. The biggest problem on each of the fields is water, which must be carefully avoided, but sand can also be a big problem. The ball should be potted in as few strokes as possible - preferably in one to get the best possible Hole-In-One score, but no one should despise good old Birdie either. Grab your cue and hit the ball in the great online game Minigolf Masters.


- Online Mini-Golf sports game

- Three levels of difficulty

- As many as 45 different levels of increasing difficulty

- Calm, relaxing gameplay for everyone

- Refined audio-visual setting

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aplikacja mobilna