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About the game Survival Race

Survival Race - a real race for survival

Do you like games during which the adrenaline reaches its zenith, and the challenges facing you pile up and pile up so that it is more and more interesting? Then you are at the right address - Survival Race is a proposition that will make your evening, break at work or study, or a trip by tram more enjoyable. Just remember that if you do well, it will be hard to put down! It's time to roll up your sleeves and get in your vehicle - don't you think it's a race you can win on foot?

It starts, as it usually does, completely innocently. You have a board with a vertical interface in front of you, which will be comfortable not only on large screens, but also on much smaller ones. Try how it works - you only have to remember two moves, and they are completely logical. Clicking the right button will steer the car to the right, and the left button will make the car go to the left. I don't think there's too much philosophy in that, is there?

Fasten your seat belts and go on an adventure with Survival Race. It is worth approaching it quite humbly, because you will not be able to achieve an impressive result right away. It's a task that requires focus and a bit of practice, but it certainly won't be boring! Start with the warm-up - you just need to steer the vehicles from the bottom to the top of the board, collecting green gems along the way, which are the equivalent of scoring later. Sounds like something to do!

However, it won't be quite so easy, don't worry and don't discourage further exploration - your speed will be high and the trajectory of movement will be as variable as possible. Be careful not to run into traps along the way - meeting the detonator will result in instant game over and there will be no turning back. Test how well you can drive in extreme conditions and go not only for the title survival, but also for the highest scores. Or maybe suggest racing to your friend or sister with whom you spend time? Also, let them get you into the Survival Race!

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