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Babel Tower


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About the game Babel Tower

Babel Tower - become a tower builder!

Do you love games where you can take care of large building structures? Then Babel Tower is a title tailored to your needs. Once you start, you take on the role of the team leader responsible for erecting a huge tower reaching to the sky. You have to take care of everything in such a way that your subordinates efficiently perform the tasks entrusted to them. You just give orders and they do what you tell them - sounds great, doesn't it?

The mechanics consist in constantly clicking on the appropriate elements on the screen in order to carry out subsequent stages of the project. In the quarry, you mine the stones necessary for the worker to make bricks. You use the crane to deliver them to higher and higher levels. In the nearby forest, you also obtain wood to produce boards. These are just a few examples - the higher the tower, the more options you have in the later game. However, remember that coordinating activities with each level becomes more and more difficult, because you have to focus on many activities at the same time.

Special upgrades are helpful, thanks to which you can speed up the completion of selected tasks. After a longer period of time, you also expand your team, which allows you to build buildings more efficiently. The Tower of Babel game requires proper management of all of these features in order for the Tower of Babel to grow like weeds into the sky. Simple controls make the title a fantastic fun for both the youngest users and older players without dexterity skills.

don't wait! Step into the role of the construction manager of the Tower of Babel right now. Lead your team to success by taking care of key aspects. Spend many minutes on interesting entertainment without having to constantly focus on it. The Babel Tower game is an ideal proposition for anyone who wants to relax for a while between their duties. Check out how much fun this title guarantees - start the game today and build your own Tower of Babel with a peak reaching up to the sky.

At your disposal will be:

  • Quarry for the extraction of stone
  • A crane delivering bricks to the upper levels of the tower
  • A forest for chopping wood and a sawmill for making boards
  • Drum for accelerating conveyors
  • A water well and a resource pump
  • Forest Elephant for transporting larger loads of stone

And much much more! Play the game and discover how to build the tallest tower in the world!

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