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K-pop Adventure - K-pop star stylist

You probably know what K-pop is, but just to remind you: it is a music genre, originating from South Korea, which is characterized by combining Western stylistics with modern Korean music art. The performers are often teenagers' idols, and their performances are very detailed choreographies and also polished outfits. K-pop Adventure is a game from the DL-Girls series in which you can play the stylist of the stars of the music scene. Sounds great, right?

K-pop Adventure presents you with a real challenge: perhaps the musical success of the characters you dress up depends on how you handle this task? There are four stages of play ahead of you: styling and makeup of two characters. You start with makeup, hairstyles and decorations, and then move on to choosing your outfit. Create cool creations that will catch the eye on stage and give artists confidence. Beautiful dresses in a modern style, or maybe short shorts in combination with tights? Delicate or massive footwear? The choice is yours and there is always time to change.

While playing K-pop Adventure, you can relax with a melody tailored to the subject (or turn it off if it disturbs your focus or you simply don't like it). Take care of the best effect and make a photo shoot of your stars to show off in your portfolio. This browser game comes with a screenshot option that allows you to save your finished creations on your device!



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