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Power Badminton


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About the game Power Badminton

You love badminton but have a hard time finding a free court to play? Or maybe there is no one to play with or your muscles are really tired and you want to rest from the effort, but you feel constantly hungry for the game? Power Badminton is the perfect solution for you! Train your technique, feel the perfect moment to hit, chase your opponent on his half, because endurance is very important here! The loser is the one who misses the pitch or gets tired enough not to have the strength to hit the shuttle. Everyone also has unique abilities, but you will discover it yourself.

The dynamics of the game is so clearly felt that your muscles may flex with fatigue, and your hand will not hold the isotonic bottle! If you are not afraid of these symptoms, you love real sports competition and you are familiar with determination in striving to win, the Power Badminton game was created just for you. Switch on, play, win and enjoy sports at the highest level!

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aplikacja mobilna