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Olympics - festival of sports emotions

Rising excitement, adrenaline, competition and cheering - this is the standard set of elements that each Olympics includes. It's not always easy on the way to victory, and the performances are paid for with long, exhausting training. Feel the role of a real sports champion and take part in competitions! Perhaps you will discover your new calling or regain your passion for an old hobby?

Power Badminton, as the name suggests, is a game of badminton. In the online version, you do not need to choose the right rocket or comfortable shoes - just sit back in the chair and decide what your character, shuttle and the terrain you are going to look like. You also have the choice of competition mode and training, so you can practice all your moves well before the Olympics begin. Do your best on the court to achieve the best results - show reflexes, agility and agility, as well as accuracy, strength and composure.

In Swimming Hero you play the role of a professional swimmer. Your task is to overcome the track that has been filled with other competitors, but also users practicing various forms of recreation. You will also encounter balls, inflatable mattresses, and other items on your way that may interfere with your smooth training. Don't give up! Change lanes efficiently to avoid a close encounter with them. The accessories found on the route will prove to be helpful - a mask that accelerates your movements and a modern protective shield.

aplikacja mobilna