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Combine business with pleasure and give your gray cells an impression! Games for thinking

Popular Balls is a thinking arcade game that requires you to shoot the right spots so that thick balls of the same color will disappear. You have to anticipate a few moves forwards to complete the level.

Laying diamonds and crystals is a real treat for fans of online browser games. Logical thinking and good perceptiveness are required. Find identical crystals, put three in a line and you will get points. The line itself will disappear, and you must immediately look for more options to combine identical symbols.

Thanks to the series "Gambit Królowej" known from the Netflix platform, chess is becoming more and more popular. If you do not have a partner to play or want to improve your skills thanks to the chess engine, play one of the chess games at OnlyGames.io. There are many game modes - you can compete against other people in multiplayer mode, or you can train yourself against the computer.

Many board games place great emphasis on the logical or strategic element. Often these are games where all players start with the same opportunities and there is no random element to the game. Such games, in addition to the aforementioned chess, are for example grinder and hexagon checkers.

Thinking computer games are also logical puzzles, passing mazes or finding differences.

aplikacja mobilna