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Games for 14-year-olds - a galaxy of interesting propositions

Are you looking for an interesting proposition for a demanding and capricious 14-year-old who has already traveled the entire Internet along and across, and is now looking for new attractions? Or maybe you are just one yourself? Browse through a selection of fun games for 14-year-olds, among which there is no doubt that every teenager will find something for himself. Will it be classic puzzles or dress up games? Or maybe some military games?

One of the most interesting items on the list of options for 14-year-olds is a whole series of games called Adam and Eve. Here are adventure puzzles in which the primary goal is to pair the title characters. There are various obstacles in their way - both the physical ones that block the possibility of passing, as well as human and animal figures that make it difficult. Do not get led astray, use your cleverness and logical thinking to overcome all adversities and achieve your goal. The game gets more and more difficult with each level, and when you get through it all - you can start the next edition.

People who love animals will surely enjoy the My Dolphin Show series. This is another fantastic option for 14-year-olds and more. Teach the smart dolphin great tricks that will earn him tons of points during the show. Charm the audience and become a real star. Here, too, you have to deal with the increasing level of difficulty with the successive levels. Polish your skills and become a real master! And when you get bored of life in the spotlight, compose yourself online puzzles.



aplikacja mobilna