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A lot of games that can be played in a computer browser or on a smartphone do not require 100% involvement all the time - you can play with them from time to time, without fear that you will miss anything or lose the plot. The games that are perfect for playing during the break will help you disconnect from your duties during pause. There are plenty of offers, so you can choose and choose.


Regardless of whether it is school lessons, university classes or working in the office - it is worth relaxing during a break. What better way than simple and satisfying games that allow for rapid production of serotonin and rest for the brain? Choose, for example, ball games where you do not need to focus or combine too much. Different versions are available, most of them combining bubbles of the same color to remove them from the screen and collect points. Simple and fun!


The classic for playing during the break are also games for individualists, i.e. all kinds of solitaire. Fast Single-Color Spider Solitaire, Traditional Freecel or Klondike? Even if you do not complete it in a quarter of an hour, you will easily return to it during the next free moment. The games from the puzzle series also have a similar advantage - for example, matching 3 identical pieces. It is a mine of proposals with various themes (food, diamonds, pirate attributes ... to choose from, to suit the color), in which there are usually short and dynamic rounds and many levels.

aplikacja mobilna