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Role-playing games, the so-called role playing games, i.e. RPGs, are very popular - both in the world of board games, completely analog ones, and in cyberspace. By playing them, you can play as various characters with specific traits, properties and skills, and then develop these parameters along the course of the action. Some people get very close to their characters! One of the most popular RPG themes are battle themes, combat themes, or various adventures. Which theme will you choose for a boring rainy evening at home or a prolonged train journey, with a laptop at hand?

Offers such as Hero Knight Action RPG will allow you to spend hours of fascinating and addictive fun. In a slightly retro game you play the role of a brave knight, whose task is to deal with various monsters and adversities. Gain experience points and do not get led astray - losing concentration can cost you a loss of health or even virtual death. Try to avoid incoming and crawling creatures - you will deal with them with your weapons. Remember that as time goes on and your experience increases, so does the difficulty level! The appearing monsters will cost you more attention and effort, so don't waste too much energy at the beginning of the game.

As in many similar games in the style of the old days, you are cheered by nice, melodic music in the background. However, if you don't like the extra sounds, you can mute it completely. The clear interface shows you all the parameters of the game - it shows the collected artifacts that may be helpful (for example, additional weapons), the level of advancement, the level of energy, and the availability of healing potions.

This role-playing game is really easy to use and intuitive, and its simple rules make it enticing even inexperienced players. You control your character with a few keys on the keyboard and the mouse, and everything will be thoroughly explained to you before starting the game. Remember about the magic potions that you can use in case of damage to your health! Note that they allow you to restore 50% of your power, so it is worth taking them when its level drops below half. So it's time to roll up your sleeves - and get to work! Deal with all monsters.

aplikacja mobilna