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Many of us like to know what's going on in fashion. We buy colorful magazines about trends in clothing, watch shows, browse stores (also online) looking for inspiration. One of the coolest ways to develop your fashion passion is to search for fashion games. What functionalities do such modern games offer you?

Fashion games are, above all, numerous and crazy dress up games that children like to play. The basic formula of this type of game is to choose a model, and then have fun completing the styling for her. You don't need to rush - in this world there are no deadlines that press you against the wall when you act too slowly. If you feel like it, approach the game calmly and test any solutions that interest you. Creations for Instagirls Dress Up? Here you are! In this case, you are playing a well-known influencer who earns money by sharing photos of your image. Create your first outfit, earn on photos, and then invest money in new sets of clothes. Choose appropriate hairstyles for the models as well. Fun makeup artist!

The fashion game category also includes another style category, namely the entire beauty industry. You won't need a perfect dress if you're going to wear it with oily hair and poorly chosen makeup! Of course, such games should be taken with a grain of salt. However, this is a great excuse to test the combination of a pink blouse with green mascara!

aplikacja mobilna