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Fly Car Stunt is an extremely popular racing game that will take you to the amazing world of car competition. High speeds and extreme routes on specially arranged containers mean that one mistake is enough to fall into the abyss. This racing simulation offers gameplay for one or two players. Compete with a friend or go solo. The goal of the game is always to reach the finish line in the shortest possible time. During the time trial, you have to take into account that the vehicle does not fall into the abyss from the route made of containers.

The game owes its popularity to the development of an engine that takes into account all the laws of physics, which provides better control over the vehicle in the air. Realistic gliding shows that all cars available in Fly Car Stunt can fly! The game features several models of sports cars that look like futuristic race cars. As you progress through the levels, you can discover new models that are faster and can go even higher. Car Fly Sunt cars are fast, and the predatory body colors only remind you that we are dealing with really fast vehicles.

This title is intended for users of all ages. Racing cars should be especially interesting for boys who want to compete in sports competition. The controls in the game are very simple. Player one controls the car on the keyboard using the "W, A, S, D" keys. Player two controls his vehicle with the arrow keys.

Fly Car Stunt is the first series of games with the same title. It introduces the player to the world of flying cars. The next parts offer even more possibilities, such as new car models and even more demanding routes. Why should you play racing games? Like other racing games, the online option provides amazing entertainment for many hours. Demanding routes develop dexterity in the player, many vehicle models allow you to feel the real power of the engines, and the ability to play with two people offers competition at the highest level. Fly Car Stunt helps you train your dexterity and shows that controlling a car in the game is not always so easy. Develop coordination, reflexes and learn the laws of physics.

A large selection of routes and the need to overcome them in the shortest possible time gives great satisfaction when passing the next levels. You don't need good hardware to compete in Car Fly Stunt, it's available from your browser. The graphic design will satisfy undemanding players who primarily focus on having fun, as well as a portion of adrenaline. Take the route built of containers, press the accelerator and take off into the air. No other game offers racing and free gliding along the route. Compete solo or with a friend. Find out why sky racing is so popular! Reach for the next series of Fly Car Stunt, let's do it!

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