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Games for 7-year-olds - pigs, pandas and other pets

What browser games are best for 7-year-olds? First of all, those that have an interesting visual side - they are sweet and colorful - attract children's attention due to the presence of friendly characters and friendly scenery. Most of them contain animals loved by the youngest. There are both mobile versions of well-known classics, such as coloring books (eg Cartoon Coloring For Kids: Animals), and games referring to the characters you love from TV programs, such as Hello Kitty and Friends Finder.

A great series of games for 7-year-olds that you can offer your kids is the one called Wheely. These are as many as 7 parts of the adventures of a small, red car traveling the world in search of adventures. The player's task is to avoid obstacles on the road in such a way as to reach the destination unscathed. Wheely 4: Time Travel is gaining recognition especially among adventurers, while Wheely 7: Detective goes to a wide group of little smarts.

In addition to providing entertainment for children, games for 7-year-olds often also have an educational aspect. The series about the car teaches logical thinking and helps to notice the sequences of cause and effect. Games from the Bubble Shooter category teach precision and help in understanding a few basic laws of physics (bouncing a ball off the walls), and ABC Game assists in the alphabet repetition. Provide your kids with valuable screen time with fun and developing games.

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