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Diamonds - for magpies and treasure hunters

Do you have a jewelery streak in you, colorful, intensely shiny stones turn you on, and a diamond mine sounds like a place where you would find your destiny? Or maybe you just love jewelry shops, you are a real magpie, and rings, brooches and other trinkets make your eyes shine with an unusual glow? In that case, games under the sign of diamonds are a space where you will certainly find something cool for yourself. For the most part, expect a pleasant time here, uncomplicated rules and addictive games. Are you in?

In Jewel Legend by Only Games, we start the fun from the so-called thick pipe - you go to the gem mine, and there you simply delve into the depths of searching, discovering and digging. Well, there are a whole lot of levels, and the game works on a simple principle - it's typical Match 3. You try to rearrange the trinkets in such a way as to arrange them in clusters of at least three identical ones. It may seem like an easy task at first, but as time goes on, the level of challenge increases. You have to find ways to make moves efficiently, and focus on achieving your goals. These may include, for example, collecting a certain number of points or removing the appropriate number of diamonds in the indicated color. What are you getting into?

The Jewel Magic game is also diamonds from the Match 3 series, but in a slightly different version. This time, imagine that you are moving to an enchanted forest where a lot of challenges await you. Can you cope with everything? Discover the nature of the explorer in yourself and face the minor adversities that stand in your way to true wealth. Remember to use all the available bonuses between levels, because they give you the so-called point boost. How good a score can you get?

It is worth mentioning that in games from the Match 3 series, these title three are indicative only. If you can put more elements together, that's great. Four usually causes a special candy to appear, capable of breaking an entire column or row of diamonds, and five gives a chance to destroy all currently on the board elements of a given color. Remember that when arranging diamonds, you must take into account their movement relative to each other. Sometimes a small movement can be critical to the success of an operation!

Jewels Connect is a title from a slightly different category. Here you are dealing with the classic Mahjong puzzle mechanism. In front of you is a whole board filled with trinkets, and your task is to find identical ones and combine them with each other in pairs. Take into account that diamonds must be able to be connected with a maximum of double polylines, so sometimes you have to do a good job of heading. Note that time is not unlimited! In case of a problem, use the hints or rearrange the confusing layout. What are you waiting for? To work!

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