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Chess Challenges for clever minds - a chess challenge

Chess Challenges for clever minds, or to be precise, chess challenges for bright minds, is an interesting proposition from the chess world, straight to your browser. The game has a clear interface and very logical rules - its entire mechanism is based on classic chess, which, however, has been slightly varied and colored. All chess pieces take a lively form, especially kings - it is they who stand here to fight, self-centeredly sacrificing their entire army to defend themselves.

Chess Challenges for clever minds requires you to be smart and thoughtful - just like real chess. Apart from the interesting graphics that give the story accent, the game is a great opportunity for chess training. Play wherever you are, thanks to the ability to launch the game in the browser of a laptop or mobile device with Internet access. Begin with a tutorial that will explain everything to you, then move on to more challenges, each of which is different and with a varying degree of difficulty.

Are you wondering if Chess Challenges can also be played by chess novices? The answer is of course it is. Thanks to the clear tutorial and instructions for the game, everything becomes clear and clear (if that can be said about chess at the basic level of advancement). The game explains the movements of individual characters and the basic games necessary for the correct gameplay. Have fun!

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