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Do you want to prove yourself as a hunter, but the thought of hurting animals gives you goosebumps? Online games such as Duck Hunt come to the rescue. Thanks to it, you will train your eye and hand, as well as feel the thrill of dealing with weapons - all in the comfort of your own apartment - you don't even have to leave your computer! In addition, no duck will suffer in the whole process, except for the virtual one of course, so what more could you want after a long, stressful day at work or school? Allow yourself a little relaxation and perceptiveness training.

The task is more demanding than it might seem. To add realism to the gameplay, the game developers have prepared an obstacle in the form of a gradually increasing number of ducks, flying completely randomly, with different speeds. Thanks to this, it is difficult to predict their next move, and the whole thing becomes demanding and full of twists and turns for the player, just like a real hunt. You will need a sharp eye and a nimble hand, otherwise you will be fooled by a flock of virtual ducks!

Noteworthy is the mechanics of reloading the shotgun, which makes the game a bit more difficult, referring to the way the weapon functions in the real world. In Duck Hunt, you can also develop stats that improve hunting efficiency, thanks to which no duck will pass unnoticed on your guard. Thus, you have a sense of progress, so the game will not only help you pass the time on a free afternoon, but also give you the satisfaction of getting better results and improving your dexterity.

You will surely enjoy the extremely refined, realistic graphics, as well as the sound effects, which fortunately have been devoid of drastic details. Relaxing, rural surroundings will make you feel almost like on a real hunt. An additional advantage is also the intuitive menu or extensive settings that will help you adjust the game to your needs. Easy controls make the game more enjoyable and make it not boring even after a long time of playing.

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