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Match 3

Microsoft Jewel

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About the game Microsoft Jewel

Microsoft Jewel Online - a cute game for great boredom

Do you know match 3 puzzles? With a high degree of probability the answer is yes, but read their rules just in case. Your task is to move the cute, colorful diamonds that tempt and shine so that there are at least three identical ones next to each other. Sounds simple? Microsoft Jewel will make you perceive entertainment as adrenaline-filled fun instead of a simple game. There is one way to do this - open the same game with your friends, each on their own computer or mobile device. Who will be the first to face the challenge?

Microsoft Jewel Online has tons of levels. Each subsequent one requires more and more involvement and increasing abilities (along with increasing level of difficulty). Nice, fairy-tale graphic scenery makes the game even more enjoyable, which could be played for a long time, because you can never have enough of satisfying sliding of colored elements. Especially when these diamonds, disappearing, cause a rapid increase in points on your account!

Every time a new level begins in Microsoft Jewel, you find out which color of stones you need to prioritize in that particular case. If you get stuck - do not hesitate and use a magnifying glass. Once, it will tell you where your falcon's eye has not noticed an opportunity to combine diamonds of the same color.

Remember that in Microsoft Jewel Online it is most profitable to create the so-called combos - 4 or 5 of the same stones next to each other will give you even more points!

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