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Games for 9-year-olds - full of colors and animals

Want to know a recipe for "something cool" for 9-year-olds? It's very simple: a selected list of the best games for children, with colorful scenery and nice animals in the lead roles, will surely please even the most demanding toddlers. Such games should be fairly simple in terms of mechanism, but aesthetically interesting, attracting and capturing the attention of children. Certainly, this category includes all kinds of coloring pages with slightly more challenges than those for younger children - for example, the more detailed Mandala Kids.

From the series of animal games, a recommendable proposition for 9-year-olds (among many very cool ones) is the game 3 Pandas. What's the fun about? You have to control three clever pandas in such a way as to free them from their troubles in which they find themselves. To do this, you have to move something, throw something else, jump somewhere, help someone climb ... A lot of fun, and at the same time having to constantly figure it out - perfect for kids! The animals are controlled with the mouse.

9-year-olds will also have fun with the nice pastel game Magic Pom. Here you will also find cute animals - this time in the version of round bubbles, which should be grouped (or maybe: flocks). The screen is filled with them, and the player's goal is to catch the largest possible gatherings of the same species and draw lines between them. The animals disappear from the screen and points appear. Good luck!

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