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Games for 11-year-olds - attractions for young people

Browser games for 11-year-olds are a huge list of interesting proposals that meet the needs of people with various interests. There is something for those who prefer intellectually demanding fun and for those who prefer dynamic games and competition. What is the best choice in the maze of interesting options so as not to be disappointed? There is only one answer: check them all to choose your favorites!

Solar System is a simple puzzle, and it can come in handy for three purposes: the first is, of course, to keep you entertained, the second: to repeat the order of the planets in the solar system, and the third: to practice English words as planets have English names here. You can return to this simple game at any time, and when you get bored - jump to the next one. What kind of fun will you choose next? For example, Birds Connect Deluxe, which is training perceptiveness and cleverness! Match all the cute birds in pairs - it's like Mahjong, but a bit simplistic.

Among the games recommended for 11-year-olds, Penguin Cafe and Penguin Diner are also worth mentioning, where you have the opportunity to play the role of a nice Penguin, running his own restaurant and serving guests in an igloo. And what for children who love physical activity and are simply spread by unused energy? Sports simulators such as Parkour Block 3D! It's a fantastic entertainment that makes you feel like a real obstacle course competitor in front of the screen.

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