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About the game Trackmania Blitz

The "Trackmania" series has been entertaining fans of stunt driving in extremely fast cars for almost twenty years. Its free online version, entitled "Trackmania Blitz", has more to do with the cult "Micromachines". These are amazing races that we observe from a bird's eye view!

At the beginning, a surprise: the player gets his first car for free, a machine that does not look very impressive and will not impress anyone. But it does. And it runs quite effectively. It allows you to win races and thus earn virtual money. Over time, everyone will be able to afford a better ride. The vehicles available in the game are divided into several groups with different rarity classes. These in turn are related to prices. The cooler the carts look, the more you have to pay for them (or watch more commercials).

Races are three laps each and start with a group start. The whole crowd of players, both those controlled by artificial intelligence and other players, is moving forward at the same time. It is worth pushing straight to the top and then rushing forward at breakneck speed. The tracks are winding and full of dangerous harassment. Sometimes there are intersections, viaducts, driveways and loops, but they are not the most important here. To win, you need to skillfully use special acceleration platforms and avoid those that slow down the cars.

It's easy to get to know them. The former are yellow and have characteristic arrows indicating the direction of travel. The latter are red for a change and point in the opposite direction. Skilful use of the former and avoiding the latter allows you to speed up a bit and over time gain a solid advantage over the rest of the stake. Of course, the mere use of platforms is not enough. Victory can be prevented by mistakes such as collisions with boards or even too sharp cornering, which translates into a loss of speed.

Additional information is displayed on the screen during the race. At the top left you will find the lap counter and your current speed. The current position in the stake is shown on the right. Below is a special chart showing how much loss you have to the competition or - for a change - what it has to the leading competitor. In turn, the main menu hides the option of competing with friends (only for logged in users), as well as various types of statistics, including the fastest runs.

Trackmania Blitz makes money from racing. These are divided into five leagues of increasing difficulty, with three lanes each. The lowest league, the bronze one, has no buy-in and wins you for a paltry one hundred gold coins. For a change, the highest league, the diamond league, has a buy-in of five thousand zlotys moment, but you can win twice. The winnings can be further increased by viewing the ads.

The game is fun. Winning races in the highest leagues driving a car in Polish national colors is something beautiful. It is worth finding out for yourself! Start winning as Robert Kubica used to do.

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