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Rabbids Volcano Panic


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About the game Rabbids Volcano Panic

Rabbids Volcano Panic - experience an amazing adventure!

Have you ever fallen into a volcano? Probably not, and you are not very interested in it. It's not a bar, you say? And rightly so. The game Rabbids Volcano Panic confirms that landing in a volcano is nothing pleasant. And this regardless of whether you are a human or a Rabbid.

At first glance, the Rabbid is a cute, charming creature that you would like to stroke ... The problem is that it has an extremely nasty character and usually moves in aggressive herds. In more than one game it has already given Rayman a fire, but this time he himself got into trouble. Your head is on this to help him. It is a volcano, or more specifically a crater, in which the hot lava is bubbling. You have to do everything not to fall into her!

"Rabbids Volcano Panic" is a free online arcade, which can be simply called a survival horror. She may be cute, funny and colorful, but at the same time extremely risky. All it takes is a few wrong steps or wrong decisions to turn into a baked sausage. And yet this game is about surviving as long as possible. Preferably longer than all other participants in the game.

Imagine a volcano with several floors above it, composed of characteristic hexagons. On the highest of them, a herd of rabbits controlled by players or artificial intelligence falls. And all these creatures begin to circle the floor, collecting coins scattered around it, as well as magic cubes that give temporary special powers. The principle applies - first come, first served. So you can't delay too much.

The cursor keys are used to move the rabbits. The isometric projection makes it necessary to get used to it at first, to feel which key is responsible for the march in which direction. One thing is important: in "Rabbids Volcano Panic" you don't have to jump. Our ward does it automatically when he stands at the edge of the hole. It just bounces and tries to jump over to the other side of it. It doesn't always hit, and then… well, it falls one floor below.

Each fall means that the rabbit is one level closer to the volcano. He cannot go back upstairs, so he just has to be careful not to fall down too quickly. And it's best not to fall down at all. The problem is that the floor tiles on each floor are not very durable. It is enough to stand still for a moment to unceremoniously fall down. Well, just walk over the tile for it to crumble and change its color to a slightly darker one. And the darker the tile, the more damaged it is.

The above-mentioned cubes are certainly useful, as they make play easier - in many different ways. Sometimes they allow you to levitate over the tiles, other times they slow down all the rabbits or, for example, they allow you to jump on a spring a long distance. Unfortunately, these bonuses only last for a few seconds. It is much more profitable to collect coins, because you can buy new skins for rabbits in the shop. For example jackets and caps.

The game is not easy. Luck comes in handy in it. However, it quickly becomes addictive to the player. As a result, some players play for hours, getting new outfits and developing new strategies to beat their rivals. Fortunately, it is not difficult. Just try a few times to be a master!

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