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All Star Blast


About the game All Star Blast

Good ideas don't get old. "Ubisoft All-Star Blast!" it resembles "Bomberman" from 1983. A great idea for having fun blowing up rivals, however, is dressed in a modern graphic design. In addition, players have been able to compete online with 99 other people.

The original was created by the Japanese company Hudson Soft in the era of eight-bit computers. The player circled the maze full of small walls and planted bombs which exploded after a few seconds. In this way, he was destroying the walls and making his way forward, and also… hunting his opponents. The aim of the game was to blow up all rivals and remain on the board as the only winner.

In "Ubisoft All-Star Blast!" the goal is exactly the same. The maze has changed. Now it's really big, it doesn't fit entirely on the screen. Well, it wouldn't fit even ten monitors. And no wonder! In the basic mode, as many as one hundred players take part in the competition. Some of them are supported by other players, the rest is controlled by artificial intelligence. And they all want to do exactly the same - eliminate their opponents. Kill every one of them.

The controls in All-Star Blast are not particularly complicated. To move the hero, use the cursor keys, plus a space that allows you to leave the bomb. After a few seconds, it explodes, destroying fragile walls and nearby enemies (which means that you have to quickly get out and hide in a safe place). After some time, when the number of players decreases, the board begins to shrink like in the most popular online shooters. This forces the survivors to compete. Tough and ruthless.

Sometimes boosters fall out of the broken walls. These are small icons worth collecting. They provide additional lives, increase the range of bomb explosions, as well as their number. At the beginning of the game of All-Star Blast, you can only place one charge. The next one appears only after the previous one has exploded. Over time, however, the player may have more bombs and thus fight his opponents more effectively. Build them up, cut off their escape route, or arrange loads to create a chain reaction. You can choose the color!

The authors of the game took care of additional attractions. The biggest one is the huge selection of characters and their skins. The title tells the truth - in "Ubisoft All-Star Blast!" All of UbiSoft's biggest game stars appear, from cute rabbits to tactical shooter commandos. The first one is free. However, the next ones need to be unlocked by watching advertisements or spending the virtual money earned during the game. It's worth it, because it's really fun to play with your favorite hero.

There are, of course, additional attractions that all modern games abound. Here, for example, there are various classic sceneries or four modified game modes, limiting the board and making the fun even more intense. And pleasant. Because "Ubisoft All-Star Blast!" really addictive. The satisfaction with eliminating all opponents from the board is enormous.

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