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Hidden Object is a pool of games that consists of many browser-based puzzle titles. After selecting a specific board, the player sees a seemingly normal picture. You need to look closely to see the hidden objects shown in the illustration.

Games of finding hidden objects require from the player a lot of patience, hawk eyes and truly spy analysis. Depending on the chosen "hidden objects" game, the illustrations will present various topics - the jungle, the sea bottom, the world of superheroes, dinosaurs or princesses. In various games, the player's task will also be to search for other objects - these can be numbers, stars, specific items, etc.

Fans of online hidden objects should definitely try their hand at a similar type of browser-based computer games. These include games such as "Find differences online", "perceptiveness" and "memory" (matching pairs). The rules of all of them are very simple, such games are perfect for children, who can use them to practice perceptiveness and the ability to combine.

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