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Might & Magic Armies


About the game Might & Magic Armies

For many years, the "Heroes of Might and Magic" series has not changed at all. Its subsequent editions offered the same ideas, but with better and better graphics. "Might & Magic Armies" is a real revolution. A proof that the world of power and magic can become attractive to every player. Even one who hates strategy.


This player will once again move to a land straight from a fantasy novel. Dense forests are adjacent to endless meadows and steppes, and there are also lakes here and there. The settlements are small, a few buildings crosswise, but there are. They stand. And you cannot set up mines or processing plants in them, because it is not about business in "Might & Magic Armies". Armies count here. Whoever creates the biggest one usually wins.


Each participant of the game takes on the role of a knight and has only one task - to survive. It is not easy, because other knights with exactly the same goal are moving around the land. And of course they cannot cooperate with each other. Rivals are there to fight them, to destroy them and take over their armies. This is the easiest way to win in "Might & Magic Armies", although it involves some risk. You never know if another player will suddenly appear and loot the weakened armies.


The gameplay is not complicated. The player moves his wards with the cursor keys and does not have to touch any other keys. And it can rush in any direction, through fields, forests and cities. Only the lakes are impassable obstacles, fortunately you can always avoid them. The whole land is surrounded by a barrier of thick fog, which is better not to enter. Even if your opponent is chasing you! If you hide, it's in the woods. A small army will successfully hide in it and wait out the danger.


While hiking, you can come across small helmets. These symbols mean recruits, all kinds of creatures ready to fight on your side. The brown-colored helmets provide 200 armed men, the silver-colored one thousand, and the golden-colored five thousand. Unfortunately, the latter are the least numerous. The easiest way to get rich is by successfully destroying the enemy army. Smaller, but big enough that the risk paid off. Fortunately, the size of the enemy's forces can be assessed at first glance - the relevant information appears on the screen.


How is the fight going? It's very simple. It is enough to approach the enemy and ... suppress him. Surround your circle and don't let it get away. The wetboys themselves will do the rest, beheading their rivals or dragging them to their side. This means that "Might & Magic Armies" is in fact a game of cat and mouse. A wise player walks around the board, gathers an army, avoids stronger opponents and attacks the weaker ones. If it is effective, it will quickly gather even well over a hundred thousand warriors under its scepter. And that's something!


After each game, the player receives virtual money, which he can exchange in the virtual shop for new characters and various bonuses. They don't have a huge impact on the gameplay, but it's better to use them than not. It's just a pity that "Might & Magic Armies" is so addictive. This is one of those games that it's hard to break away from!


Michal Z.


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