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Brawlhalla Grand Slam


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The game "Brawlhalla Grand Slam" is a spectacular return to the times when inconspicuous, yet authentically refined arcade games reigned in salons with slot machines. It is also a modern, spectacular production with attractive graphics and a control system that is simple enough for the youngest players to cope with it.

Up to eight daredevils take part in the game - brave warriors clad in steel and armed with mighty axes, ready to risk their lives for fame and glory. Just like the former gladiators! These warriors take part in a bloody battle from which only one of them can emerge "on the shield". The one that will hunt the others most effectively. The rest must die. One after the other. There is no other solution!

There are also no alliances in "Brawlhalla Grand Slam". Everyone competes with everyone. Above all, it tries to catch up with rivals in unusual arenas that real gladiators could only dream of. They consist of long poles levitating in the air that can be grasped. As a result, the warriors jump from one to the other like monkeys frolicking in a zoo. In this way, they try not only to catch hovering boosters, but also to take a position that gives them a chance to successfully attack.

How to do one in Brawlhalla Grand Slam? You must jump on your opponent from above! Fall on him by surprise and thus effectively hatch. He then loses part of his life and is moved to a different place on the board, so he cannot take his revenge right away. On the other hand, it becomes safe for a while. He can prepare for a rematch or try to regain strength by collecting the appropriate boosters already mentioned.

What are boosters? These are pills hanging in the air that appear from time to time in the arena and wait for someone to collect them. They have a variety of uses. Some automatically restore health, others provide protection, and some that increase the effectiveness of an attack and allow you to deal damage to enemies more effectively.

A characteristic feature of the "Brawlhalla Grand Slam" is the control. After pressing the mouse button, you can choose the direction of the jump, and then confirm it - just like in such classics as productions from the "Worms" series. It requires precision and the time is short. In this game, you can't sit in one place for too long, because the opponent can attack at any time. Constantly moving, lurking, the appropriate rhythm of jumps, as well as their pace - all this determines the final success.

The game surprises with variety. Its creators prepared as many as 24 warriors to choose from. Of course, not all are available right from the start. Most must be unlocked by carefully collecting gold coins for successive victories. Another attraction is the available weapons and various other attractions. You can also set up a private game and compete with your friends. Finally, it is impossible to forget about the ranking lists prepared for those who are not satisfied with one victory. Now they can compete for the title of the best Brawlhalla Grand Slam player in the world!

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