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What are the types of solitaires? What are the types of solitaires?

30.08.2022 12:16

What are the types of solitaires?

Solitaire is an iconic game where you have to rely only on yourself. Therefore, it will include individualists and people who do not like direct competition with others.

Meanwhile, the challenge with yourself is possible here, especially if you choose computer card puzzles - then you gain access to statistics calculated based on your own results and if you want, you can beat your own results. Grab a deck of cards, shuffle them well, then play - which types of solitaire do you like the most? Meet the most popular of them!

Classic Solitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire, is, as the name suggests, the most traditional variation of the card puzzle. One deck is enough - this is important information as sometimes you will need more. At the top of the board (or the table - if you prefer) you have four base spaces, and your main task is to move all cards there. The initial setting is a bit like a piano, which is why sometimes solitaire is commonly referred to as this. To help you sort your cards, you can place them in rows - from the highest value towards the lower ones. You also have a bank of cards at your disposal, i.e. the remaining elements from the deck. Depending on the version, you can only view it two or three times, or at will.

Spider Solitaire is another classic that many people rank for disqualifying other types of solitaire . It is primarily associated with virtual entertainment in the Windows environment - this is where it gained the greatest popularity. Usually, it would be difficult to play it in a "live" edition, and that's because you need several decks to play (in addition, depending on the level consisting of other components). Start with a single color from the puzzle. The basic setting is ten card bars - the top layer is facing you, and the rest is facing back. You must sort all sets from Ace to King (by all other values) in the appropriate, designated points on the board. Help yourself by creating columns. When the peak level becomes a piece of cake for you, move on to the next one - two or three colors on the board can be much more of a problem!

Pyramid solitaire, or pyramid solitaire, is maybe a little less known, but just as enjoyable fun. It consists in collecting all the cards arranged in the shape of the title structure. Randomly setting forces you to do some research - you have to estimate which moves will be the best and which are worth giving up. You have to collect the elements from the board in pairs, matching them so that their total points are exactly 13. An ace is worth 1 point, cards 2-10 as many as indicated by the number, jack 11, queen 12, and king 13, so you can remove one by one. When you run out of traffic, you can use the base in the form of a deck of cards - check it carefully to find pairs. But be careful, because in some variations of solitaire the algorithm is merciless - you can only go through the pile once, and jump three cards! This is an exciting type of game in which it is not known whether the operation will be successful until the very end.

Trzy Szczyty, or Tripeaks Solitaire, is a spectacular game proposition - perhaps due to the interesting and aesthetic initial layout, reminiscent of the title mountain range. In addition to it, you have the rest of the auxiliary decks in front of you, as well as the base place where you must put all the cards. The goal is to disassemble the entire structure, but you must do it in such a way that each subsequent card is 1 larger or smaller than the previous one.

It would be hard to list the iconic types of solitaire and forget about the Freecell puzzle. As the name suggests, the most important role is played by an empty cell, or rather four - this is where you need to sort your cards. However, unlike Classic Solitaire, all cards are face down towards you. Sounds simple, but a lot of fun with it!

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