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Klondike solitaire rules Klondike solitaire rules

31.08.2022 12:09

Klondike solitaire rules

There are different types of solitaire, but there is no doubt that it is the most classic, the Klondike solitaire, that is one of the most widely recognized versions. Some people consider it to be even cult and, in fact, you can make such a statement. And where did its mysterious, strange name come from? Klondike means a region in Canada and a river flowing through it.

Klondike solitaire rules

You can play this variant of the game not only in the analog version, but also online. One ordinary deck of cards is enough to have great fun. However, it is definitely better to learn the rules of Klondike solitaire through online play. Fast card shuffling, an infinite number of rounds and real-time hints - these are the advantages of playing on Onlygames ! Get involved for good and become the master of this card puzzle. See how relaxing it is and you won't regret your time!

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What are the rules of Klondike solitaire?

What needs to be done first? It's worth finding out what the game is all about and what your goal is. It involves carefully sorting all the components of the deck into four equal piles - each consisting of all spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds. The order in which the cards are placed is also important and is done according to the so-called seniority: at the very bottom there is an ace, then cards 2-10, then a jack, a queen, and the last one is the king, closing the whole. An important variable that often appears in card games is the value of the mentioned ace, so it is good to remember it - this time it takes a place below one in the hierarchy, so it can be assigned the number 1.

The rules of Klondike solitaire are nothing else than the "Little Piano" layout, well known in various parts of the country. What does it owe its charming name to? Imagine the keyboard of the mentioned instrument, then look at the initial solitaire setting - are you clear now? If you practice well, you can become a real virtuoso!

How to play Klondike Solitaire?

So what does the finished table look like? Here, the rules of the Klondike solitaire game clearly specify that in front of you there are seven columns with an increasing number of components, in the first one on the left there is one card, and in each subsequent one there is one more. This means that when placed correctly, the last section has exactly seven cards. In each of them, the top inverted element is the obverse, and the remaining elements are the reverses.

You already have the main working section, i.e. four empty spaces where you will arrange the sorted cards. Therefore, the only thing missing is the remaining part of the deck, which will play an equally important role here. Namely, it will be a bank! You can feel free to use these cards when you run out of maneuver options in the main part of the game, specifically in the work area.

There are 24 cards which, depending on the version, you can view in a specific order - for example, starting by turning over every third card, then looking at every second one, and finally scrolling through each one. However, in virtual games it can also happen that the whole thing can only be viewed once, so be careful. However, a good tip is not to use the spare stack when it is not necessary - the priority is the remaining play space.

It's time to focus on the game mechanics. What are the gameplay and rules ofKlondike solitaire ? In the working part, you can arrange the cards in neat rows, remembering two important rules - firstly, they should be placed in alternating colors (red/black/red), and secondly, in the reverse order than in the target piles in the upper part of the board, i.e. starting from the king and ending with the ace. You can freely modify such arrangements, but pay attention to where you place your cards - the empty field is intended only for the king!

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Do you already know the rules of Klondike solitaire? Play online!

By learning the rules of Klondike solitaire online, you can count on interesting facts and conveniences. These include such details as changing the pattern on the back of the cards or measuring time. Set yourself a challenge to complete the puzzle within a certain limit, and then... push the limits and beat your own records! Also test the challenge version, in which you have several minutes to complete the tasks. Who would have thought that the gameplay could be so exciting , right?

What are the other rules of the game?

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