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The rules of the pyramid solitaire game The rules of the pyramid solitaire game

31.08.2022 11:54

The rules of the pyramid solitaire game

Solitaire enthusiasts are well aware of the many variants of their favorite game. One of its most popular varieties is the pyramid solitaire, which fundamentally changes the rules of the original and is sometimes treated as a separate type of game.

Basic rules of pyramid solitaire

When using a traditional deck, the player needs 52 cards. At the beginning, he has to lay them out in seven rows, so that each subsequent one has one more card than the previous one. This creates the sequence 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, visually resembling a pyramid. Fortunately, today you don't need to carry a deck of cards with you to enjoy the fun of playing solitaire . All you need is a computer or telephone.

The main task of the player in standard solitaire is to make four piles of uniform color. They must be set according to the sequence A-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-JDK. This is in direct contrast to the rules of all Pyramid Solitaire variants, where the goal is to lay out piles, not build them.

It is also worth noting a significant difference in the way the cards are moved. In the standard version, there are no restrictions on the possibility of their translation. It is based on matching the colors and the number of meshes to each other. In Pyramid Solitaire , all cards, except the King, are dealt in pairs and the total number of cards must be exactly 13.

How to play to win Pyramid Solitaire?

The object of the game is to completely unfold the pyramid so that no cards remain on the table. The difficulty is that cards can only be collected according to the rules of the game. They are put aside in twos, making sure that the sum of the pips in each pair is 13. There is only one exception to this rule, and it concerns the king. It has a value of 13, so the extra card is no longer needed and it can be removed from the pyramid one at a time.

A queen, or queen, has 12 stitches, so she is paired with an ace with only 1 stitch. The jack, commonly known as a jopek, has 11 points and therefore should be joined with a two. All other cards have a value that corresponds to their number and can range from 2 to 10 pips.

How to play pyramid solitaire when it is no longer possible to make another move?

Any enthusiast of the card game in question will sooner or later find themselves in a situation where they have used all the available moves and further unfolding the pyramid seems impossible. Fortunately, there is also a reserve pile that allows you to draw additional cards. With a bit of luck, they will unlock the pyramid and allow you to continue the game.

The rules for applying a standby stack vary. The pyramid, which is itself a variant of solitaire , has its own variations, and it is up to their rules to determine how many extra cards a player can use when things get tough on the table.

In the original, the rules said that the entire contents of the standby stack could be used. The condition was to draw cards in threes and discard unnecessary decks underneath. Such rules were considered too simple, which was confirmed by many solitaire enthusiasts, which is why currently the most common restrictions are that you can only use the reserve pile once throughout the game. This raises the difficulty level and allows you to derive more pleasure from your victory.

Can you lose a pyramid solitaire?

Pyramid Solitaire is a rewarding and rewarding game. However, it is also quite difficult and demanding. It is impossible to win many of the games that are started. Every fan of pyramid solitaire found themselves in a situation where they had exhausted all available moves, including using the reserve pile, but still could not arrange the cards in the right way.

The only solution available is to restart the game. This is what the real fun of playing solitaire is all about. The key to winning is logical thinking and patience, and the continual improvement of your technique ensures that a lucky hand, when it does happen, is winning.

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