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Classic solitaire rules Classic solitaire rules

31.08.2022 11:43

Classic solitaire rules

How do you like to spend your free time? By hiding with a book, rollerblading, or maybe perfecting your skills in one of your favorite games? If you check the last option, here is an even wider choice: live games, board games, virtual games, RPGs, or maybe good old solitaire?

Rules of classic solitaire - everything you need to know

Sometimes it's hard to find your way around the options... Therefore, if you don't have any preferences in this matter yet, choose the most traditional and universal option that you will surely like. Here are the rules of classic solitaire. Don't know them yet? It's high time to change that!

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What are the rules of classic solitaire?

Start by getting to know the general goal of the game - the idea is to sort all the cards from the deck into four equal piles (as you can guess, due to the single deck in the hand, each of them will contain thirteen elements). However, you can't do it in any way, here the rules of classic solitaire clearly state what we can achieve. The whole thing should be divided into cards in the suit of hearts, diamonds, clubs and spades, and additionally arranged according to the so-called seniority.

In this case, the lowest value is the ace, which must be placed at the very bottom of the puzzle, on which you place all the cards ordered in order 2-10, followed by the jack, queen and the king, which completes the whole. You can successfully play this type of game in the analog version, even if you only have one set of cards - that's exactly what you need to have great fun. However, when learning the rules of classic solitaire , it is worth using the online version. Frequently occurring hints in the game make it easier to understand the applicable rules.  

How to play classic solitaire?

It all starts with a seven-part setup. In front of you there are so many columns with an increasing number of components - the first one from the left has only one card, and the last one has as many as seven. Please note that only the last (and therefore, only in the first section) card has its front side facing you, and all cards below it show their backs to you. To make the fun more enjoyable, in many variations of this online game you can choose its pattern. Adjust it to your taste.

According to the rules of classic solitaire, an important element of the initial setup is the bank of cards, called differently, depending on the region of the country and the specific variety. It is of an auxiliary nature - when you find it difficult to perform any maneuver in the workspace, you can look through this stack to see if anything from it will be useful to you. Traditionally, in the "live" version of the game, you start by skipping every three cards, continue by skipping every two, and finally scroll through single cards. Be careful, however, to check exactly how this mechanism works in each version of solitaire - it may turn out that the database can only be viewed once or twice, and if this does not help, the game will inevitably end.

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How to play classic solitaire?

Now that you know the purpose of the game (sorting the cards into four color sections), you need to find out what the mechanics of the game itself are. Well, in the working part you can combine them into rows using the principle of alternating suits - this means that spades and clubs (black colors) alternate with hearts or diamonds (red) in any combination. The order is also important.

It has a descending character, so starting with a black jack, you can place on it a red ten, a black eight, a red seven, etc. You can freely move such hands if there is room for them. Importantly, in the empty space you can only place the king or a sequence with it at the very bottom - no other card has the right to do so!

If you are slightly bored with classic solitaire and its most basic rules, choose the interesting proposals offered in the virtual version. There's a lot of fun waiting for you here - time management games of various levels of complexity, multi-part challenges and card world championships. Take the digital deck in your hand, shuffle it thoroughly and deal it out! How quickly can you figure it all out this time?

What are the rules for playing other solitaire games?

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