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Spider Solitaire Game Rules Spider Solitaire Game Rules

31.08.2022 11:28

Spider Solitaire Game Rules

There are many variations and types of solitaire - simpler and more complicated, more or less intellectually demanding and consuming different amounts of time. One of the iconic proposals, known, for example, from the Microsoft community, is Spider Solitaire, which is great fun with various levels of difficulty.

Rules of the spider solitaire game - what is worth knowing

It is generally played mainly electronically, unless you have several decks with identical backs. Once you get into it, it pulls you in like a spider's web - you won't be able to get off until you solve the puzzle! The rules of Spider Solitaire are not complicated, and the more you play, the more you will understand all the rules.

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Where does the name spider solitaire come from?

Why does the game get its charming name? It's hard to say, although it is often referred to by beautiful decorations on the backs of cards - cartoon arachnids. This version is definitely not recommended for arachnophobes! Perhaps the title has to do with the table layout, namely eight empty places on which all the elements should be carefully sorted (this is the main goal of the game). They are symbolically connected to the eight legs that characterize each spider.

How to sort cards? – Spider solitaire rules 

How should cards be sorted? According to the rules of spider solitaire, the order is determined by the so-called seniority - the least seniority is the ace, then two and subsequent numbers up to ten, then jack, queen and king. Depending on the difficulty level, this may be more or less a problem. The lowest level of advancement is a single color (spade), medium means two colors, and difficult means four. However, there are always exactly eight sets in play. So hypothetically: if you want to play the analog version, you need cards from as many as eight decks for the easiest level, four decks for medium, and only two for difficult. The rules of playing spider solitaire in the online and analog versions are the same, but it is more convenient to play on the phone and on the table because you don't have to worry about the number of decks.

What are the rules of spider solitaire?

The initial layout of the game it is columnar - you have four sections of six cards in front of you and the same number of sections of five cards each. Those placed closest to you are facing away from you. Additionally, there is an auxiliary bank on the side (as in the case of most solitaire games), from which you can add elements when you run out of opportunities to move. In this case, however, you are not removing individual cards, but entire rows - so you must do it carefully so as not to cover strategic places.

The activity in the work area involves sorting cards into piles. Start with an easy level - everything fits here. You create long sections, starting with the king and ending with the lowest ace (but they can actually start at any point). You can easily modify them - when you have the entire column, for example from nine to two, grab it and move it to ten. When you manage to create a set, it is moved to one of the eight mentioned places and placed face up - from then on you can't move it anymore.

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How to play spider solitaire on higher difficulty levels?

Spider solitaire has simple rules, one rule becomes more complicated at the intermediate level. Two suits bring a bit of difficulty - you have to sort them separately, i.e. if you have hearts and clubs, the red heart should have its own section and the black acorn - a separate one. To arrange everything, you can create mixed sets. Remember, however, that they are not mobile - this is where the catch lies. Only sets made of cards of the same color can be moved!

Now imagine a difficult level - all four colors, the same number of places and the same work to be done. Here you have to show extraordinary cunning and mental acumen - when you mix up the columns too much, for example by creating a ten of hearts, nine of clubs and eight of diamonds, you run the risk of getting into a situation that will be very difficult to get out of. So try to mix it up as little as possible. At this level, spider solitaire is really difficult! However, nothing beats the satisfaction that comes from putting everything together efficiently.

To avoid getting discouraged, start one by one - when the first level is too easy, test the next ones. Are you looking for a real challenge? Test online challenges in which you have a limited time to complete the task. Good luck!

The rules of spider solitaire are not everything!

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