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Shooting games can be divided into several subcategories, depending on the type of gameplay, the view of the character controlled by the player, and the type of weapon.

First-person shooters, i.e. browser FPS, allow you to see the game field through the eyes of the controlled character. Different types of weapons and available locations will ensure a realistic experience, like from the battlefield.

Shooting a bow at a target or at an opponent can provide no less excitement. In such games, it is necessary to aim correctly, as well as to learn the basics of the ballistics of the shot fired.

Archery shooting is a sport discipline, but you can try your hand at it without leaving your home. Archery games give you the opportunity to practice eye coordination with hand movements.

Sniper games are shooters in which the player usually does not have the ability to move. Their essence is to use a convenient position (skyscraper roof, hidden shooting), then the enemies will not be able to notice you. This gives the player the ability to calmly search for further targets and aim precisely. Various types of sniper rifles have the ability to use a telescope - zoom, which makes hitting the target easier.

Many shooters allow many players to compete on one map in multiplayer mode. This option has recently become available in browser games available from a computer or mobile device.

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